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Ad Grant Opportunities

At Strike Marketing we are excited to share our expertise and starting today we will be releasing useful information and tips of the trade focusing on adaptation to the current environment due to the effects of COVID-19.

Nonprofits all over the country work tirelessly to gather volunteers, earn donations and provide for their causes. This incredible work ethic has been recognized globally. While many people and businesses appreciate what your team does, Google sets themselves apart by offering grants to these nonprofits.

Advertising your organization and the cause you support can be difficult. Setting aside funds for large-scale advertisements can take a toll on an organization. Grants that are offered by Google help to alleviate some of the burden of the cost of sharing your message on a large scale.

You may be wondering how a Google Grant campaign differs from a regular Google Ads campaign, and the main difference is the billing. For a regular Google Ads campaign, a business pays to promote their message and earn valuable impressions. Moving in the exact opposite direction, a Google Grant campaign’s funds come directly from Google. Your organization doesn’t have to pay for the exposure like in regular ad campaigns. This means that more money can be used for your cause.

Other differences are that grant campaigns are not able to utilize single word keywords or keywords with a 1 or 2 quality score. Additionally, overly generic keywords need to be filtered out. Google Grant campaigns also require at least a 5% CTR each month.

With that in mind, these campaigns can provide up to $10 thousand each month as long as you follow the guidelines given by Google. Of course, this isn’t just free money for anyone at all. There are stipulations for who can apply and what the grant can be used for. Grants are for nonprofits, but Google does not allow any organization that discriminates in hiring practices or promotes hate. All Google Grant campaigns must be used for charitable purposes only.

We love grant campaigns because they allow all of the optimizations and detail that a regular ad campaign does without the capital investment.

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